Dr Julie Sposari

Clinical Psychologist

PhD/MClinPsych, BPsych(Hons), M.A.P.S

Julie established The Psychology Practice in 2003 and has always had her heart in helping others in psychological need. While she specialises in the treatment of anxiety and has completed doctoral research (PhD) in the area of social phobia, she also assists her clients in a whole range of real-life concerns. She is registered with the Psychology Board of Australia (AHPRA) and is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS).

Julie provides private psychological assistance for children, adolescents, families, and adults for a range of needs. She works with the assessment and treatment of various forms of anxiety including: social anxiety, panic/agoraphobia, generalised anxiety and excessive worry, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress conditions, specific fears and phobias, mood and depressive disorders, post-natal depression, relationship issues, adjustment difficulties, grief and loss, parenting concerns from early childhood, adolescence and early adulthood, school adjustment issues and management of teasing/bullying, effective study techniques and HSC support, pain management techniques, work-place concerns, body image and eating issues, stress management, assertiveness training and conflict resolution, and general self-improvement among other conditions. She prefers the use of evidence-based intervention such as cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT), interpersonal therapy (IT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), as well as other paradigms (such as schema therapy and attachment theory) that are shown to promote benefit in a person’s functioning, confidence, and well-being.

Julie is an AHPRA-approved supervisor for psychologists seeking clinical endorsement, and supervision for postgraduate placements. She has worked in liaison with Macquarie University’s Centre for Emotional Health (CEH) and has enjoyed her role in teaching and lecturing psychology students at Macquarie University. Her approach to multi-disciplinary liaison means that she communicates where appropriate with GPs, psychiatrists, schools and other mental health workers for the sake of promoting and improving her clients’ well-being.

From a young age, Julie has accomplished a strong academic background, winning the Australian Psychological Prize for achieving first-place honors and presenting her research at both national and international conferences.

As a person, Julie is very warm and approachable with a genuine interest in helping her clients improve their life circumstance. 

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